Monday, April 11, 2016

World Health Day 

On the eve of World Health Day , Nadipathy has conducted its First activity on 7th in creating awareness programes for patients who are suffering with Chronic ailments like  Diabetes,Hypertension,Cardiac issues,Kidney failures and other ailments.

This programe has been Coordinated with Indo Vietnam Medica Board and Indian Book of Records to wipe out the remarks 'India is the Diabees capital'  by other countries.

The continuation of programme part fromthe 6th Apr has gathered more peple and shown moe interest of these Indian system of curing chronic ailments.

 This awareness programe on today has a remakable impact and response from the public were amazed the Indianism in treating and controlling these ailments.

Dr.Raju has taken a key note in promoting this event with the help of his Nadipathy team, 168 members were participated in this camp.

                  World Health Day.. Zillavani T.V News on 8th April 2016 Nadipathy- Kakinada

     World health day siti Cable  tv news on kakinada- nadipathy


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